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Here’s more of everyone doing

August 18, 2003

Here’s more of everyone doing everything yesterday in Madame’s parlor.

Sam, deciding where to start, and probably receiving brain waves from the Fantum seated just out of sight:

Lo, spinning some outrageously gorgeous silk/wool laceweight:

Karen and Sheila taking advantage of a very flattering background:

Kit perusing Rowan 34, and Marti (wish I could remember what it was she was knitting…):

Ryan and the sock she’s designing (sorry I happened to get a closed-eyes shot….):

Lo, Angela, Roi, and Jen, all in a row:

The ever-hopeful Sherlock hoping for some good fortune in the snack department:

My big excitement for the afternoon is that Sam, besides bringing Michael’s beard trimmer to shave my felted bag, also taught me how to Andean ply my spindle-spun singles. Here are my 3 little hanks of yarn – the white is merino I was experimenting with, and the 2 grey ones are Shetland. The middle one was the latest spun and I think is my best yarn so far – it actually looks like something I would knit with.

I recommend this way of plying – the winding onto your hand is hard to figure out at first, but once the light bulb goes on, it makes perfect sense. Sam was a very patient teacher.

I got a lot done on my 2 WIPs (mostly while travelling, I stuck to spinning at the Parlor) and I’ll put up pictures later in the week.

I’m sure Madame, being the photographer, will have some better pictures over her way today, so check there too.

  1. August 18, 2003 10:15 pm

    Ha! I have that couch! And that exact same color of orange walls! Damn, someone has good taste. 😉
    The soiree looks like fabulous fun. (I found the pictures through the Mossy Cottage blog)

  2. August 19, 2003 6:10 am

    Ha! Sounds like we need to have a Sisterhood of the Sofa…. Wendy in Houston also has that couch!

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