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Unexpected FO

November 7, 2003

Maybe it was the giddiness induced by liberating myself from a second glove, or maybe it was the waxing moon, but a week or so ago I took it into my head to knit a seaman’s scarf as a surprise Christmas present for someone, for warmth in a cold office. I fetched out my Myrna Stahman book and a ball of leftover Galway and started off. This is her ‘Robert’ scarf, still wet and ready for blocking.

The individual in question is highly allergic to cats, so I worked with a constant low panic level! I washed it carefully and laid it out where no cats go, and it will go into a plastic bag when it’s dry to await the holidays. I hope that will be sufficient.

It was a very easy pattern, a herringbone lace that happens to be the same as the Stahman shawl I’m working on. It used just over one ball of Galway. I knitted on size 6 needles which probably is too small for the pattern and yarn but I wanted to end up with something that wasn’t too wide, and I think the resulting fabric is nice.

Like everything else I make, it has small flaws! For example I didn’t realize till I was 2/3rds done that I should have been slipping an edge stitch even on the part with the seed stitch border. I did it on the ribbing but it t never occurred to me to do such a thing in seed stitch. I hope it won’t matter!

Also she has instructions for knitting it two ways: traditional end-to-end, and her way (using a provisional caston so that both tails are knitted the same way (out from the center). To make proper mirror images, you are supposed to do your centered decreases (skp) one way if you’re knitting end to end and another way if you’re doing a provisional caston. And I picked the wrong way. But I don’t think even another knitter would notice unless they knew to look for it, so I’m not too worried.

Not content to be done with one WIP, I cast on with handspun for a hat for Emily. This will go fast, and the yarn is actually nice to knit with! Watch this space.

  1. vanessa permalink
    November 9, 2003 6:34 am

    prudence, i love the scarf! this is my method of the matching scarf ends, i use the crochet cast on, i think it’s in the vogue book, you use a crochet hook and chain stitch the stitches over your knitting needle. it looks exactly like a regular bind off edge. the last one i did was tiny needles and yarn, so i had to go back and tighten up my cast on. you can’t tell which end is which 🙂

  2. Sheila permalink
    November 11, 2003 6:47 am

    Beautiful scarf! Your intended recipient is going to be very pleased. Did Miss Emily help?

  3. Prudence permalink
    November 11, 2003 11:08 am

    She helpfully said “Wow!” as I cast on for her hat… she’s underwhelmed when I knit for anyone else!

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