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Socks from the ground up

February 4, 2004

I finally completed my “big swatch,” a pair of socks from the handspun merino finished at the holidays. Here they are.

Because they’re a surprise for the intended wearer, I couldn’t exactly take measurements, so I did some educated guessing and got some feedback on how long and wide people make socks for the size I guessed. Then, I used K2P2 ribbing to make them as forgiving as possible in the size department. That’s why they look slightly mutant – the legs and feet are K2P2 and the heels and toes are stockinette. They become miraculously foot-shaped when placed on a foot. I also used commercial sock yarn for the toe area, so they’d wear a little better.

Here’s a closeup that really gives an idea how pretty this fiber was that Denise gave me.

They’ll age in my cedar chest for about a week now before getting giftwrapped. Here’s hoping they actually fit!

I’m on the second border of Legends of the Shetland Seas, maybe I’ll post a photo over the weekend. Other than that, I’m in the mood to knit little things. I did an interesting project this week that I’ll photograph soon, a specially shaped glove for a pool player. And I’m going to make a little scarf out of my handspun camel/silk too. I seem to be having an aversion to starting another big project right at this moment.

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  1. vanessa permalink
    February 5, 2004 3:11 am

    nice present!

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