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March 23, 2004

Here are followup pictures of the stuff from the other day.

An attempt to photograph the shoulder shawl in use:

The finished Barefoot Spinner yarn, four hanks of about 130-150 yards each, and the runt of the litter, still on the niddynoddy, about 30 yards. I’m not sure what weight I got (haven’t measured wraps per inch) but it’s probably going to knit up DK weight I think.

I’d show you my finished French Market Bag, except that – well – it isn’t finished. I tried this morning to shave it with my Gillette Excel, and got really frustrated after about 15 minutes of accomplishing nothing, so I decided to run out and buy a beard trimmer. I stared bemused at trimmers in the local beauty supply store wondering what on earth made them cost $60. Finally I found one for $29 and rushed home to shave, only to discover I had to charge it for 16 hours first. FINE. So, I’ll shave it after work tomorrow.

I’m feeling motivated to decorate it somehow to make it personalized. What could I do??

  1. March 23, 2004 12:54 pm

    I just love the spun yarn, what a beautiful blue. What about using embroidery silk to backstich a border on the bag. Could be really something.

  2. March 23, 2004 1:30 pm

    I have to admit, I’m extremely amused that you had to buy a razor to shave your bag.
    I’ve seen other people make the MagKnits felted poppies to put on a French Market Bag. Something along those lines? Maybe you knit a butterfly?

  3. March 23, 2004 6:26 pm

    Hm, a blanket stitch border in something like hot pink would be interesting. We’ll see what develops! I don’t think I’m whimsical enough to knit flowers – there’s a reason my blog identity is named ‘Prudence’….

  4. vanessa permalink
    March 24, 2004 3:06 am

    you are looking positively midieval in the shoulder shawl 🙂

  5. Angela permalink
    March 24, 2004 10:04 am

    You could try some needlefelting – you could achieve almost any design you wanted that way and it would be smooth against the face of the bag.

  6. March 30, 2004 10:44 am

    I love the shoulder shawl. where did you get the clasp. I have been looking for something like that.

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