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Two WIPs and a Whine

April 12, 2004

I promised pictures of Rosarie, so here they are. I have done about 1 1/2 chart repeats. Just before the end of the second chart repeat, I will set up the armhole steeks. The chart is 38 stitches by 38 rows so it’s a bit large.

This is a closeup of the pattern. Row to row it doesn’t feel like much is happening, but it is beautiful to look at once there is a full chart repeat done. The strong vertical line you see just to the left of center in the photo is actually the edge of the chart – the center of the chart is to the right of center, in the middle of the floral motif. The pretty arrowhead or anchor-shaped details are the corners of the chart coming together. The center of the floral motif is asymmetrical as you can somewhat see off to the right, and results in a lovely interlacing diagonal that runs lower-right to upper-left.

The yarn is a tiny bit heavier than standard Shetland jumper weight and makes a velvety fabric.
However, I did not work on it yesterday. This is the whine, so skip this paragraph if you are not in the mood for whining today. When it takes half an hour to wind one 100-yard ball of yarn, because the hank was mistied and turned into a tangled mess on the swift, and when this is the second hank in a kit that has behaved this way, I don’t feel much like giving any more time to the project that day, I need to sleep on it and come back tomorrow.

I took a picture of my purple and white shawl WIP but it doesn’t look much different than last week – just a little bigger. However, here’s something I was just unable to resist starting:

This is ‘Agatha’ from Elsebeth Lavold’s new book ‘A Sentimental Journey.’ (I love this book – yes, there are a few designs that make me go, “Oh yuck what was she THINKING??” – but there is so much that is simple and beautiful and elegant. She is a talented designer!) I’ve completed the full lace motif in the side panels and will place one on the center panel in about another 6 rows. I am using Noro Lily (silk and cotton) from stash and it’s working up very pretty. I am a bit worried that I will need another ball, though, so I’m going to have to start looking around.

Do you see why I think this should have been named ‘Queen of Spades’?

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  1. April 19, 2004 6:11 am

    Rosarie is gorgeous; I have the bottom band completed on this vest, but set it aside nearly a year ago. I think I’ll pick it up again, and I think the reason I set it aside was similar to yours; vexing skein-winding. But I see now that it’s very worthwhile to persevere! Happy Monday, happy week, smooches to Emily.

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