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Rosarie, cont.

April 23, 2004

Here are some updated pictures of Rosarie. This is the right front – at the right of the photo you can see the front steek, and at the top left of the photo you can see a vintage 1958 diaper pin living a second life as a stitch holder at the base of the armhole steek.

And, because I always think it’s so cool when Wendy does it, here is a picture of the wrong side:

I got some lovely pewter clasps in the mail today that I ordered from, and I took a picture, but it has too much glare and you can’t see the details. (I bought “Saga 139” in case you go look…) I’ll get them photographed over the weekend. I’m not going to put buttons on Rosarie, since I never button vests, I will probably put just one clasp on it, and use the rest when I do the Wrixlan Jacket from Jamiesons #1.

Counting down to Maryland Sheep and Wool…7 more days and hoping for nice weather.
Oh, go and congratulate Sweatergirl on the birth of her Bump, Elizabeth! She’s adorable, and already seems to appreciate a nice handknitted garment.


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