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As Good As Chocolate…

August 7, 2004

I’ve discovered another cure for a bad day, besides chocolate:

This is some merino and silk top that I bought from a favorite eBay seller, ‘bluegooseglen.’ It cheered me up immensely just to know it was on its way in the mail. I can’t wait to spin it. Only half a pound of black merino to go…

Remember this? In late December you saw it as a newly spun hank of sock yarn (4.3 ounces, something over 400 yards). Then in early February you saw it as a pair of men’s socks. Well, it came home to me on Friday and is sock yarn again.

I was considering throwing it into the rotating stash box, which is currently at my house, but I decided I like it so much that I’ll hang onto it awhile and then make myself a pair of socks from it – maybe knee socks. I have plenty of commercial sock yarn to use for the feet, if I run out. It isn’t my color (it was much more suited to the temporary owner of the socks) but it’s SO soft, especially after having been machine washed a couple of times while knitted up.

I got a lovely sample of some superfine merino top, in a color called ‘Bird of Paradise,’ in my package from Lisa Souza along with my garnet lace yarn, and I spindled it up into about 22 yards of pretty yarn. What’ll I do with it? Who knows?

Finally, here is (GASP) my first attempt at intarsia. I sure hope it’ll be my last, but with a kid I can doubt it. This is the front of ‘Kit’ from the recent Elsebeth Lavold book Sentimental Journey.

I sort of winged it, and it shows – but I hope when it’s wet and blocking I can use steam to even out the cat’s face, which is a tad pinched.

This is the edge – I hate bobbles almost as much as intarsia, but I think this is a very cute edge – it’s a row of bobbles with 4 rows of seed stitch above, and it looks much neater in person than in the photos in the book. It’s not even unpleasant to work.

The back is done, and the front has about 6 more inches to go. I’m making the biggest size, so it’ll be a tad floppy on Emily this year but will ensure she’ll get two years of wear out of it.

That’s all the news from here. Happy Saturday night.

  1. vanessa permalink
    August 8, 2004 2:52 pm

    man, you are one busy lady 🙂 love the bird of paradise

  2. August 9, 2004 9:19 am

    The socks were returned ?!!!
    It’s very pretty yarn.
    I really don’t enjoy knitting intarsia,although the results can be amazing.The knitting doesn’t flow – not for me anyway !
    You’re amazingly productive. ;-]

  3. August 10, 2004 1:31 pm

    Fabulous pink kitty! That looks like very good intarsia to me—lucky Emily!

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