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August 27, 2004

I am, by my estimate, about 1/6 done with the edging of my Siberian Winter. It’s very beautiful and I can’t wait to have it to wear, but I’m getting tired of knitting edging! Especially since I can’t get a 16-row repeat done in less than 20 minutes yet. It’s really beautiful edging, and I even like the faggotting.

Here’s a closeup of the edging, which shows the lovely little loopy edge created by the YOs at the start of every other row, and which I wouldn’t have known was there from any of the photos I’ve seen.

Two Old Bags, if you’re read blogs, cover your ears a minute. I am knitting this on ‘backwards’ (wrong side out) just because I couldn’t get started off going down the side and had to knit across the live stitches first. Sorry! But I don’t think it’s going to change the look much.

Meanwhile, I am trying insanely to redeem that silk that I dyed and plyed and that I swatched the other week. Here is the beginning of a Faroese style shawl based on Myrna Stahman’s patterns in her book but charted with the ‘Pendants’ pattern from Barbara Walker II that I swatched. I’m knitting on size 4 needles because I want it to open up more than the swatch did (done on 3.25mm). We’ll see. It is making me nuts with all its worming but I am going to beat it or die trying – it’ll be satisfying to give it a truly vicious blocking if I ever get that far.

Notice that the center-pull ball is straitjacketed in an old stocking. I was too afraid of what would happen if this ball started to collapse! It’s such slippery yarn, it was guaranteed to happen.

Meanwhile I’m making good progress on the knee socks for MEEEEEE this time, MEEEEE. I got down to the ankle and put the first one on a holder and started the second one – I don’t want to knit a heel flap on one and then find out I don’t have enough yarn to do the heel flap for the other one too.

I did the top K2P2 and the body K4P2 – to my surprise, the K4P2 part is tighter fitting. Who knew? I always thought K2P2 was the pattern that pulled in the most.

I’m enjoying knitting this yarn although green is not my color.

The Dale cardigan is still stalled but it’s starting to call to me. I can’t figure out if that’s just because everything else I’m knitting is making me so nuts right now. For some reason, both the lace yarn and the silk are requiring a lot of time between rows to work out incipient knots in the strand coming out of the center pull ball. I feel like a character in a Garcia Marquez novel, every thread I’ve touched this month has wound itself into a knot. When will it end??

  1. June P permalink
    August 28, 2004 6:35 am

    Wow, wow, wow! What great work you do! I am so impressed with your silk project, it’s just lovely! And Siberian Winter has got to be next on my list, between you and Melanie I have been hooked! Don’t think I will go for the Trout color Lisa S. is talking about tho – lol – June

  2. Deann permalink
    August 29, 2004 5:38 pm

    would you mind answering a question about the shoulders of the Ljod sweater?

  3. August 30, 2004 11:30 am

    I just found another bag of the brown alpaca if you want it. Would sure make warm soft sock feet

  4. vanessa permalink
    August 30, 2004 11:41 am

    caroline, they are all beautiful, but siberian winter is a real stunner!

  5. Angela permalink
    August 30, 2004 1:29 pm

    Great stuff Caroline! Siberian Winter and the silk are both beautiful and the socks look like they’ll be warm and comfy.

  6. meghan permalink
    August 31, 2004 6:19 am

    Siberian Winter is stunning! What pattern did you use? What yarn/colorway is that? I tried to find this information in your earlier entries and I couldn’t. Please advise — it’s just gorgeous!

  7. August 31, 2004 10:20 am

    The yarn is ‘garnet’ laceweight wool from .

  8. September 15, 2004 6:15 am

    i think the more knit stitches you have (i.e., the closer it is to being stockinette) the less stretch it will have. thus k4 p2 has less stretch than k2 p2 — while k2 p2 may appear to the eye to pull in more, it has more of the yarn going back and forth so more stretch… that’s my theory anyway! 🙂

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