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October 17, 2004

There’s exciting news at the Pink Tea today. But first…

I ripped out and reknitted the Selbu mitten after getting some other knitters to look at the chart vs. the photo. They confirmed that if I continued following the directions I would not end up with the mitten in the photo. So, I ripped back. Here is the palm side of the mitten, you can sort of see the gusset for the thumb growing on the left hand side. It increases along the mitten edge, and just spreads out over the chart pattern on the palm edge.

And here is the back, still looking the same.

And here is Saga Rose, with the ribbing plus about 18 rows of body pattern done.

I’m worried that I will run out of Dark Navy, I have used one half of the first of 5 balls, and it just doesn’t seem like I will make it. But we’ll see. I know my gauge is not off, so maybe the pattern just estimated very tightly.

The News
But now for the exciting news. Sweatergirl has decided she can’t maintain a solo blog and work and take care of a baby too. Imagine that. So, she’s going to be joining the soiree at Pink Tea. I think that’s great. Look for a post from her within a few days. Welcome, Tracy and Baby E!!


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