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Comfort Food

October 26, 2004

If Siberian Winter and other such ornate lace is the dessert of knitting, then this is the macaroni and cheese:

Not that I need another WIP, but I ran across this yarn in some shelf cleaning and had to do something with it right away. It’s 3 50g hanks of a yarn no longer made by Mostly Merino, it’s 2 ply DK-ish weight and natural sheep white. It is so cushy and yummy, I decided I wanted to knit it into a fisherman rib scarf. First I started with 49 stitches. That was too many, I was using up yarn too fast. So I ripped and used 39 stitches. I got as far as you see in the photo and decided I was still using yarn too quickly, so after I took the picture I ripped again and am now using 33 stitches. We’ll see. Meanwhile, knitting this scarf is definitely comfort food and I do it in the evening when I’m too grumpy to knit anything else.

(As an aside, I’d like to mention that I would LOVE to get hold of more of this yarn… it was given to me in a trade and is no longer available. Anyone have any they want to destash??)

I finished the hand part of my first Selbu mitten. I didn’t make the ultimate pointy tip, I stopped one row short of total pointiness and grafted the 12 remaining stitches with the light color. You can see the peasant thumb waiting to be picked up and knit, although this picture was taken before I completed the tip. It now looks a lot more like the mitten in the book.

My fiendish plan is to finish this mitten, then knit one of a pair of gloves I want to knit this winter. Then, when I come back to knit the second mitten it won’t seem like such drudgery. Right??

Saga Rose took the night off. Here it is, with one complete chart repeat finished and one entire skein of Dark Navy used up. I am now pretty sure I’ll run out of that, but I want to wait to order more until I can tell if I’ll be running out of anything else.

The colors in this design are just amazing, it makes a fabric that looks almost like velvet, and the way Malcombson uses the lighter navy makes some of the color changes look like they’re tricks of lighting.

  1. vanessa permalink
    October 27, 2004 3:12 am

    wow, those saga rose colors just sing!

  2. sweatergirl permalink
    October 27, 2004 4:35 am

    Oh my – Saga Rose is amazing. Definitely on my want-to-knit list. But, just started some comfort-knitting myself – embarrased to admit making a sweater that is only 100 stitches around!
    The mitten is also wonderful. Is it for you? For me, the only only way to get around the second (something) syndrome is really wanting to wear the thing…maybe a cold snap or two will get that second mitten on the needles.

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