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100 Things

December 10, 2004

But first, Saga Rose with a neckband.

I really wanted to do crocheted steeks this time, but my eyes failed me. I could not see the navy stitches well enough to know where I was crocheting. So I resorted to backstitching. I think next time I try a crocheted steek I will do a speckled steek instead of striped – in theory stripes should be easier, but maybe with my aging eyes speckles would help.

I’ll build a pattern errata page for this pattern as it has 3 that I’ve found so far.

I have always felt like I shouldn’t make people read 100 things about me, but I got such a kick out of Stephanie’s, and the ones Ryan is feeding us a few at a time, that I got inspired. It’s available in the sidebar, over there. (Not anymore…)  Maybe other Pink Tea people will do some too. I thought about trying to organize everyone to do “100 Things About Us,” but my organizing muscles are worn out for the week.

My combs are coming, my combs are coming… news next week.

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  1. sam permalink
    December 16, 2004 9:09 am

    Boy, am I behind on my blog reading – Caroline this is coming along *so* beautifully! I can see what you mean about the navy steeks. I’m already half blind, and the dark color would do me in. Have you cut anything yet? I can’t wait to see this one finished! Beautiful work, woman. 🙂

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