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Yet More Fleece

December 29, 2004

Remember this?

And how it next looked like this?

Some of it then looked like this:

and now like this:

Isn’t that just too neat? It’s about 35 grams, 65 yards, and not all that uniform because I’m not that great a spindler and it was neppy and variable as to fiber length (I swear some of the fibers were 6 or 7 inches long). It’s lofty and shiny and pretty soft. I may get one more hank like this out of the rest of the fleece, or maybe 2 more if I’m lucky. I don’t know what I’d knit out of it but right now I don’t care! It’s so much fun. And it’s not just “100% wool,” it’s “Cotswold cross wool,” which appeals to me MUCH more. Do you ever wonder why we don’t have very much breed-specific yarn? Merino is everywhere but we have so little Bluefaced Leicester, or Corriedale, or Rambouillet yarn, it’s all “wool.” Part of what I like about having taken up this fleece processing thing is I can make yarn and know what kind of sheep it’s from. Now all I need is more time…

  1. December 30, 2004 11:17 am

    I SO agree with that… someone decided Merino was an upscale wool (and it is, but there are others) and so that gets labelled freely – Shetland I think comes second, but beyond those, we don’t really know what we’re getting… I love knowing. It gets me closer to the process to know what the little sheepies look like….

  2. Sam permalink
    January 1, 2005 12:53 pm

    Very good point, Ms. Fiddletwist. Your yarn is gorgeous. I love the luster of the longwools, and whatever they’ve crossed that beastie with seems to have graced the Cotswold considerably. Nice work, and thanks for the tour!

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