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My work here is finished….

April 27, 2005

…I got a fleece from a registered Bluefaced Leicester. Her name is Charade and she’s 2 years old, isn’t she cute?

When I first got combs, the first thing I went searching for was BFL. What I discovered is that you can get almost any other kind of fleece easily via eBay or googling, but BFLs are hard to come by!

Networking online eventually led me to Stonesthrow Farm in Vermont, and this came to me.
It’s the whole fleece, 2 pounds after skirting, lovely curls about 5 inches long. When I start fooling with it I’ll take more pictures, it was hard to get a good shot of the beautiful curly locks. This is one CLEAN fleece – the tips are so clean you have to look to figure out which end is which. This will be a beautiful thing to work with.

I need more time to process fleece and spin. Oh, and knit. Anyone have any to send me???
LisaS, do you hear the whooshing sound? You are doomed, woman, doomed.

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  1. Roi permalink
    April 27, 2005 5:54 pm

    I have no words except WOW! But my eyes are extremely green right now.

  2. April 27, 2005 7:05 pm

    Uh huh…fingers in ears…lalalalalalalalaaaaaaa.
    I have a big fat basket of 6 pounds of Kate, you evil woman. I am actually lusting after the kind of stuff that I used to spin in the Old Days…Lincoln/Finn colored fleece. After buying Kate’s fleece, I don’t think that I could go back to uncovered again…I am not combing and dizzing and all of that stuff, CAROLINNNNNNNNNE. I am bringing my garlic necklace to your house.

  3. Melanie permalink
    April 27, 2005 8:33 pm

    Oh boy, that’s a beautiful fleece from a darling little donor. It’s enough to get a person thinking about getting some combs. Great score!

  4. April 27, 2005 8:50 pm

    Well. You’ve just put the last nail in the coffin. I now NEED combs. Any advice on what to look for?

  5. vanessa permalink
    April 28, 2005 3:14 am

    charade looks like she’s saying, i’m cold. where’s my coat 😉

  6. April 28, 2005 4:44 am

    Yeah Charade looks a little surprised doesn’t she! Cassie, I have two sets of combs and the first one I learned on was a pair of 2-row Viking combs. Indigo Hound and Valkyrie both make these and they’re available from many online vendors. Once in awhile they pop up used on the Spinsales group on Yahoo or on in the housecleaning pages (oddly enough, found in their ‘Instruction’ section).

  7. April 28, 2005 5:06 am

    What a beautiful fleece ! Gorgeous.That pic makes me want to shove my hands right into that bag !
    I love my Indigo Hound combs. ;-]

  8. Angela permalink
    April 28, 2005 11:37 am

    Ahhhhhh – I didn’t put my fingers in my ears fast enough. Send me the e-mail addy please dear 🙂

  9. April 28, 2005 6:35 pm

    That is a lovely fleece!

  10. Katie permalink
    April 29, 2005 8:51 am

    Beautiful fleece! but you can’t have any of my time, I am having the same problem!

  11. sam permalink
    April 29, 2005 9:25 am

    oh mi gawad….
    contact info, please? 🙂

  12. April 29, 2005 11:23 am

    Isn’t it enough that I’m knitting and crocheting and dyeing and spinning? Isn’t it enough? Why must I also comb raw fleece? Why, oh why, do these imperatives run my life?

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