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In pieces

January 9, 2006

Everything I’m working on is in pieces. (Isn’t there a Rolling Stones song about being in pieces? I hear a snatch of it in my head every time I think about these projects.) I’m faithfully knitting all sleeves all the time (well, almost) so I can be rewarded with sweaters.

I have one sleeve done on Empirical and have started the second.

I’ve made an embellishment of my own on the bottom of the sleeves – one garter ridge in pink, to mimic the ridges on the patterned part of the sweater. I also decided to use a double-start caston and I’m really glad I did, it looks pretty. I’ll get into more details about that when I show off the finished sweater.

I must admit that this is sort of cheating. Since this sweater’s upper half is knitted as a raglan yoke in the round, the sleeves only have to make it up to the armholes to count as done. And since they are 3/4 sleeves it’s even more cheating.

I have one sleeve done on Cutaway (I finished it last night after taking my photos). Here are the three pieces of the body. Keep in mind that this is all stockinette and rolls like a sumbitch. It really is all a little wider.

I was not entirely capable of dedicating myself entirely to sleeves, so in a wacky experiment I started knitting this.

I’m not sure why I thought it would be advisable for a woman of a certain age, such as myself, to knit something described as “the French Lieutenant’s Woman meets Little Red Riding Hood,” but I was smitten the minute I saw the pattern. The problem then became, what to do about yarn and needles? I have no intention of buying Rowan Ribbon Twist at $13 per 100g, and I have no intention of ever knitting anything ELSE on size 15 needles. How could we make do?

I’m using some lovely old BioSpun Perendale yarn in a beautiful raspberry color, held double, on size 8 circulars held double (hey, 10mm = 5mm + 5mm, right??). It’s not as annoying as you’d think once you get used to it. The yarn is NOT velvety but it’s a wonderful color, and I’m getting row gauge and almost getting stitch gauge. It’s worth a try. This yarn has already been knit and frogged once, I made a shrug with it about 4 years ago that ended up too long and so always flopped down around the bottom of my ribs. So we’re trying it out again on this pattern. I pick it up for a few rows whenever I can’t take the sleeve grind anymore. We’ll see.

I did have a little spinning time this weekend and spun up a few fistfuls of my remaining cashmere/merino. This weekend was crammed with stuff to do, and Emily has a birthday party to attend every Saturday for the remainder of the month (January is a big month in her preK classroom). Maybe while she’s at all these birthday parties I can get some spinning done. Gotta figure out what presents to get for 3 5-year-old girls…

2 Comments leave one →
  1. January 9, 2006 7:08 pm

    i love the little pink garter addition.

  2. January 10, 2006 9:36 am

    Okay Pru, you are going to have several sweaters all at once! These look great! I love your color choices and not a one of ’em blue;-) I think you sent me the blue vibes,suddenly every yarn looks best in one of it’s blue colorways,lol.

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