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My mother was a knitter before me

August 10, 2006

In her late 70’s my Mom was about done with knitting the usual fare. Tired of knitting afghans, sweaters and socks for the family, she turned to something more frivolous and began to knit Jean Greenhowe’s dolls. My I present the doll family – Ma and Pa, the Boy, the Twins and the Toddler.

The details are astounding. The girls have frilly drawers beneath their skirts and little knitted flowers on their hats. The noses are knit separately and sewn on and details like belt buckles are embroidered on. I can’t imagine how much work it was to get the hair on their heads, and how many ends there must have been to darn in. The work is amazing and these dolls are a real treasure to me.

Lump of lace:

The bride’s shawl is still a work in progress, as you can see. The centre panel of dayflower lace is finished and I have begun the never-ending border. I hope to have it finished and blocked within the next couple of weeks.

I have been almost monogamous to the shawl, but I have managed a bit of spindling. This is the 12 g. Bosworth Featherweight that I got at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this year. It’s canary wood, and it is an absolutely delightful little spindle. Here it is with a silk/wool blend from The Good Shepherd (no web site – email, also acquired at MDSW. I didn’t get a whole lot at MDSW this year, but it was nearly all in these colours.

And finally, this is the Waterlily Sock by Sivia Harding. I test knit this design a while back but couldn’t show it off until the pattern was published. I just love the subtle use of beads and the lacey lily pad and waterlily motifs. This design looks even better done in Lisa Souza’s Hand Dyed Heathered Solids, but sadly, I didn’t have any on hand when these needed to be done. That’s what I plan to use the next time I knit these socks.

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  1. August 10, 2006 11:58 am

    Hey sneaky-poo! You sneaked a post in there! What cute dolls – who is the one on the right with the Toddler?
    Your spindling is always so perfect. Can’t wait to see the yarn that becomes.

  2. August 10, 2006 12:10 pm

    Wow, quite a lot of work went into those dolls! She must have really enjoyed the process.
    The silk/wool is lovely and so very finely spun!

  3. August 10, 2006 12:30 pm

    I love the shawl – even unblocked. What are you knitting it from?

  4. August 10, 2006 2:23 pm

    Oh my mel! The shawl is coming along. She is going to love it.
    The dolls are amazing. Now we know where you get your incredible talent from!
    The socks are now a must knit.
    The bosworth looks packed with loveliness!!!

  5. Melanie permalink
    August 10, 2006 3:02 pm

    The doll on the right is the Mamma doll. I don’t have the patterns to see the official Greenhowe names.
    Beth, the shawl is being knit with Suri Elegance from The Alpaca Yarn Co. It’s a bit slippery, but it’s wonderful stuff.

  6. August 10, 2006 8:19 pm

    Mel, all the spindling and knitting is gorgeous! Way to go!

  7. August 10, 2006 9:45 pm

    Those dolls are so fun! I’m sure your mom had a blast making them and probably having little conversations with them while she was putting on the touches.
    The pile of lace looks just about big enough! I can’t wait to see it!
    It seems to be the summer of silk! Such gorgeous colors, and you are another who can get it so fine, I am in awe!! And it’s so perfect!

  8. August 10, 2006 10:21 pm

    Great dolls! And the lace shawl is just gorgeous.

  9. August 11, 2006 10:37 am

    I’m not big on knitted toys but the picture of the knitted family made my morning. Seriously.

  10. Sue Wallace permalink
    August 11, 2006 1:00 pm

    The doll family is wonderful, lucky you.

  11. August 12, 2006 5:42 pm

    those dolls are adorable 🙂 melanie, your spinning is beyond perfection as always!

  12. August 12, 2006 10:16 pm

    Well, by the looks of all the photos in your post, the apple certainly didn’t fall far from the tree. The technical skill and attention to detail in those little dolls are clearly reflected in your shawl, sock and spindling. Am eagerly looking forward to seeing the finished shawl.

  13. August 13, 2006 12:03 am

    Love the doll family, how wonderful to have that memento of your mum. The shawl looks like it will be beautiful once it is blocked and you know that I am always in awe of your spinning. Smooch.

  14. August 14, 2006 9:58 pm

    Mel, those dolls are too cute!
    Your spinning is just lovely and that colorway is stunning. (wow! really the spinning ::sigh:: so perfect…) Can’t wait to see the shawl blocked out!

  15. August 16, 2006 10:35 am

    melanie, i absolutely love the little dolls, they are so bright and cheery. what a wonderful way to remember your mum!

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