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August 13, 2007

It’s that time of year. It feels like it takes forever to even walk across a room, and when I arrive I’ve forgotten something.

You’ll have to be content with some previous photos because most of the new ones came out awful. Bee Fields and the afghan look almost the same as last week. The photo I have already posted of the one completed Hourglass Rib sock is better than anything else I’ve taken of the pair so I shall leave well enough alone.

I did just a wee bit of shopping, enough to have good mail.

In the back, two skeins of Lisa Souza’s hardtwist merino petite, in ‘Blue Flame’ (I have been WAITING for this color!) and ‘Giverny.’ There is a lot of yardage there, and the yarn seems like it will wear really really well.

In the front, two skeins of ‘Apple Pie’ by Apple Laine, which I got from The Loopy Ewe – I about swooned when I read the fiber content, as it sounded like it was similar to Mountain Colors Bearfoot except with a little silk mixed in. I think these will be knitted on size 2 needles and handled like delicates. I forget the name of the colorway, something like sunset…?

I kept spinning wool and alpaca and am still ambivalent about this stuff.

I think maybe the commenter who suggested the cat bed was on the right track. This would felt quite nicely. And I think it would be durable enough to survive being dragged around the house, which Daphne is sure to do. When she gets hold of a skein of yarn or my cell phone cozy, she takes it under my bed. She also has the somewhat endearing habit of bringing me things while I’m sleeping – I often wake up in the morning and find a pair of Emily’s scissors or a pen or pencil on the bed.

I also started another sock. This yarn is by Gypsy Knits (again from the Loopy Ewe) and is fingering weight bluefaced leicester. Well, of course I had to try that as it’s my favorite fiber. The color is ‘Lavender Blue’ and is nicer than it looks in the photo.

The yarn is really nice, but the skein was 350 yards and about 91 grams. Can I whine just one second? When I pay $20 or more for a hank of sock yarn, I want to MAKE A PAIR OF SOCKS. I am likely to be able to do so, because I only wear a size 6 1/2 shoe, but most people would not be so lucky with this yarn. If not for the scant yardage, I think I would have wanted to knit it on size 0 needles, too, but didn’t want to take that chance. So I figured toe-up was the way to go.
I took out the ‘Widdershins’ pattern from a recent issue of, because I’ve heard so much about it, and I was somewhat nonplussed to see that it uses Wildefoot yarn on size 0 needles and gets a gauge of 7 spi. The sock is 54 stitches around AND CABLED. Now, I have a skinny ankle (I am happy with a sock of 56 or 60 stitckes on size 1 needles) but with cables, 54 seemed like pushing it. So I poked around on Ravelry and found someone who mentioned she’d upsized it and posted her instructions on a Knitty forum. I found them and tried to follow them – I think she intended that her formula be used to just make the socks bigger, because it didn’t take the cables into account, but I’m trying that too, having upsized to 64 stitches. Worst case, I rip out the damn thing when I get to the heel because I can’t figure out the shaping, and go back to the You’re Putting Me On sock pattern that I have used several times before. Thank goodness knitting can be undone and redone.

Except for lace. A word to the wise: Knitting on a shawl that is patterned every row, while watching a movie, with stitches in your left middle finger, makes for LOTS of teeth gnashing as stitches are snagged and … well you get the picture.

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  1. August 13, 2007 2:10 pm

    Ooooh, I really love that Lisa Souza yarn in “Giverny”, those are such “me” colors…maybe next time I feel like doing a little stash enhancement, I’ll have to pick some of that up!

  2. August 14, 2007 3:56 pm

    The more I see of your wool/alpaca, the better I like it. I think it’s really pretty. It looks like it would make a wonderfully cushy sweater, if you have enough of it.
    Daphne sounds like a sweetie. I can picture her hauling her cat bed from room to room, and maybe right into your bed!

  3. Jan permalink
    August 14, 2007 7:57 pm

    The new yarns are quite a haul. I’m knitting socks out of Giverny right now. I like the subtle little splashes of accent colors. Your purple handspun looks better and more spontaneous at each stage of the game. It’s a lovely piece of work. 🙂

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