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Misc pattern errors

Last updated November2006

Errors we’ve found in patterns we’ve knitted


Northern Lights mittens from KnitPicks

Color list is incorrect. In my copy it calls for Fawn, Red, Orange, Apricot, Peach, Blue, and Pool. It should call for Bark instead of Fawn.


Arches from Brown Sheep’s AMERICAN FAVORITES

Front Neck Shaping – Row 5 ‘Other Side’ should end K2 and row 7 ‘Other Side’ shoudl end K3. This is pretty self-evident when you are knitting the same lace pattern 800 times.


Selbu Mittens from FOLK MITTENS

Thumb Gusset – This is hard to explain, but here goes. The instructions say to increase six stitches at the top of the ribbing. However, you should only increase ONE stitch, and place it on the BACK of the hand.
You should OMIT the stitches graphed between the base of the gusset and the edge of the mitten (I think there are 5 stitches shown here), and instead increase one stitch every other row along that edge of the gusset chart until the gusset increases are
complete. On the other edge of the gusset, you gradually REPLACE palm stitches with gusset stitches as the charting shows, but on the outside edge you add stitches to the gusset by INCREASING. This description makes more sense when you look closely at the photograph of the finished mittens that are in the book. You can see that the edge of the gusset runs up the edge of the mitten.

Thumb Chart – There is one error in the thumb chart. About 3/4ths of the way up the chart, the background color center line is interrupted by one foreground stitch. If you look at the bottom half of the chart you will be able to see the mistake. The chart shows 5 foreground stitches but it should be 2 foreground, one background at the center, and 2 foreground again. I hope this makes sense!


Saga Rose from Jamieson’s book 3

Chart B – Rows 8 and 9 of the chart are supposed to be the same as rows 20 and 19 – the mistakes are at the center of the X, where there are supposed to be 5 dark stitches in the center of row 8 and 3 in row 9, instead the checkerboard continuing all the way across.

Neckband – I made the smallest size, I am not sure how this is for the other sizes but I would imagine the same. You are instructed to put 47 stitches on the holder for the center back neck, but later when you are picking up for the neckband it says to knit up 45 stitches, decreasing one stitch at the center back. If I decreased once I’d have had 46, so I decreased twice regularly spaced across the holder. However, it meant that I should end up with 44 stitches, so I had to sneak another decrease in there when I started doing the ribbing. Check the number it says to knit up, and you need to decrease enough to end up with one less than that stated number.

Increase round after body ribbing – On the increase round there is an error for the smallest size only – it says, “k to last 1 stitch, m 1, k 11.” The 11 is a mistake, if you knit to the last 1 stitch, then make 1, it is impossible to knit 11! It should read, “k to last 1 stitch, m 1, k 1.” The other sizes look ok in this instruction.

Decrease for cuff – I wish I was sure what to tell you was the correction here – all I can tell you is the math is messed up. I am making the smallest size, and there is no way you will end up with 60 stitches if you start with 84 and follow the directions provided. I don’t know if all the sizes are similarly messed up. I had to figure out my own pattern of decreases to get from 84 to 60. Good luck.

Sleeves – This is not so much a pattern error as a disagreement between the pattern and the photo. I didn’t notice this until I had knit one entire sleeve, so it is what it is. The pattern has you knit the sleeve using Chart B as printed, that is knitting the sleeve shoulder-down and following the chart bottom-up. If you look at the pictured sweater it looks like it was knitted using Chart B turned upside down. If you would like to do this, be aware it is more complex than using the chart turned upside down, you will have to begin with chart row 6 or 7 and work down to row 1 and then go up to row 42 and begin working down. You won’t be able to rely on the direction that says to work until X rows have been completed, ending with row X, because you’re going in the wrong direction. Have fun! Or just knit it as written and don’t worry about it!


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